Sunday, September 21, 2008

What Manner of Love Is This?

Amazing, the love that Thou hast for us
Amazing, that Thou would become one of us
Amazing, that Thou should give away Your life
That we may know of Thy love

Wonderful, the grace that Thou bestow upon us
Matchless, the mercy that falls from Thy throne
Incredible, the way that Thou draw near to us
And meet us where we are

If it were not for Thy awesome love
If it were not for Thy sacrifice
If Thou had not risen again
How lost we would be
How far from Thy face
Never escaping our sin

What manner of love
Oh, how could it be
That Thou, my God, should die for me?


Courtney Skeen said...

Jonathan, I found your blog off of facebook and had to laugh. 3 posts ago you said you wanted to start blogging more regularly--and now it's been almost 5 months since you posted. :) I do the exact same thing every time I start writing in my journal or facebooking or writing letters. I finally decided that I'd rather just surprise myself and others, because then I don't feel bad and other people aren't counting on me to do something. ::grins:: Sometimes life is just to crazy to do those things, and that's fine.

By the way, I smile every time I see the pictures of you and Abbey.

Are you doing anything with TP this year? I will never forget my first staffing experience in NM with you as PD: snow, cookies and milk, red vines, corny poems. :) I hope everything's going well, Mr. Morris.

Abigail said...

thank you so much, jonathan. it really was awesome how it all worked out.

oh yeah, and thanks a lot for the flight well-wishes! though i guess i can't complain after laughing about your long flight over!


Abigail said...


when are going to make another post? i'll be keeping an eye out!

Abigail said...

ew, the though of living off of pearl shakes makes me sick. thanks a lot for the icky thought, j. :p